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The Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Summary:

This final rule amends HUD’s regulations to further RESPA's purposes by requiring more timely and effective disclosures related to mortgage settlement costs for federally related mortgage loans to consumers. The changes made by this final rule are designed to protect consumers from unnecessarily high settlement costs by taking steps to: improve and standardize the Good Faith Estimate (GFE) form to make it easier to use for shopping among settlement service providers; ensure that page 1 of the GFE provides a clear summary of the loan terms and total settlement charges so that borrowers will be able to use the GFE to identify a particular loan product and comparison shop among loan originators; provide more accurate estimates of costs of settlement services shown on the GFE; improve disclosure of yield spread premiums (YSPs) to help borrowers understand how YSPs can affect borrowers' settlement charges; facilitate comparison of the GFE and the HUD-1/HUD-1A Settlement Statements; ensure that at settlement borrowers are aware of final costs as they relate to their particular mortgage loan and settlement transaction; clarify HUD-1 instructions; expressly state that RESPA permits the listing of an average charge on the HUD-1; and strengthen the prohibition against requiring the use of affiliated businesses. This final rule follows a March 14, 2008, proposed rule and makes changes in response to public comment and further consideration of certain issues by HUD. In addition, this rule provides for an appropriate transition period. Compliance with the new requirements pertaining to the GFE and settlement statements is not required until January 1, 2010. However, certain provisions are to be implemented upon the effective date of the final rule.

Until January 1, 2010, lenders have the option of using either the old GFE or new GFE. Lenders will dictate which GFE is used and you as an agent must be prepared.



Final RESPA Rule

Interactive Revised HUD-1 Instructions